beautiful couples…

Ok so I haven’t been posting for a while, but this is what I’ve been up to…amandabrian-blog028.jpg

First there was Amanda and Brian, who after first feeling shy and nervous, didn’t take long to relax and have some fun out the front of the new GOMA (I LOVE this place!). Check out the rest of their shoot here.

Then there was Booty and Em, a GORGEOUS couple who were happy to show me some good lovin’ in front of the camera in my studio.


… you can check out the rest of the shoot here, and yes, for those of you already acquainted, that is my gorgeous cat coco in the first pic, who always likes to check out any action in the studio…!

Then there was Jessica and Albert…albertjessica061.jpg

How cool is this pic?? Robyn and I had soooooo much fun getting creative with this lovely couple. Take a look at the rest of the shoot here, again we did all this at the new GOMA (did I already say how much I love this place??)


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