Jade and Greg

Last Saturday’s wedding was at beautiful Mt. Tambourine. We caught up with the guys first at a Bed and Breakfast that had an awesome view all the way back to the Gold Coast. A couple of Bundy rums later, (and the all important photo of Greg with his car), we were off to meet up with Jade. Cars seemed to have been a bit of a theme on the day… after some gorgeous shots of Jade and the girls, Jade posed for us in the Bridal Ferrari…! Then we headed off to Cedar Creek Winery for a beautiful ceremony at the chapel there. We took some lovely shots down by the lake, and then headed for the Glow worm cave… yep, we got to take a peek at those little worms before they were put to bed for the night. The cave definitely made for some interesting photos! All in all a lovely day with a lovely couple.


To check out more of the highlights, click here.

And here’s a behind the scenes look into what goes in to making some of the shots we get…


That’s Robyn going to whatever lengths it takes to get the shot she was after…! And that’s me in the mirror.


and this is the next shot that I took.


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