Lisa and Mark

Another rainy day on Saturday, but it didn’t stop the romance for Lisa and Mark… We started at the Stamford again, got some lovely shots of Lisa and the girls in the lobby, and I fell in love with Lisa’s dress and veil… (which was, by the way another incredible creation by the amazing women at MXM Couture.) So then it was on to Our Lady of the Victories to catch up with the guys and get some shots of Mark before the ceremony. Only we waited and waited and it rained and rained, and no-one quite knew where Mark was… but he turned up just in the nick of time in a very cool (but slightly unreliable…!) car. Just enough time for a few quick shots of the rings and Mark looking nervous at the front of the church – and Lisa arrived. It was a really beautiful ceremony and mass with Father Peter Guin who had us all in stitches. After family and group photos, we got some stunning shots of Lisa and Mark in front of the church, with the amazing overcast sky to add a perfect sense of drama to the pics. Then it was off to Abbot street for a sip of champagne and shots with the bridal party, and amazingly the weather held out for us the whole time. Ethel street was next and I got to play with the veil (ahh a few of my favorite things!) thank you Lisa and Mark for indulging my sense of romance… these turned out to be such passionate photos… exactly what I imagined! Then it was off to the Victoria Park Golf Complex for the reception, but not before stopping off at the Story Bridge for a couple of evening shots.


to check out more of the wedding highlights, click here.


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