Toni and Richard

Finally I am catching up on last months weddings… My appologies for keeping you all in suspense… but here we go –

Toni and Richard decided to tie the knot at the gorgeous chapel at Royal Pines Resort. As they were both staying at the Resort as well, we managed to get some great shots of them both getting themselves ready for the big event.

tonirich015.jpg tonirich076.jpgtonirich064.jpg

I guess now is a good time to admit that I might have a little thing for Toni’s shoes…


Toni looking like a goddess in that dress…


Flowergirl with attitude??!


It was a beautiful simple ceremony, with the theme from the MUPPETS serenading the happy couple as they left the church.

We got a couple of romantic shots inside,


then headed out for some fun pics around the golf course.


“somebody needs a HUG…”


We certainly had perfect weather all day, but by the afternoon it looked like we may have been in for a storm which made for perfectly dramatic clouds.


It was a fun day with a lovely couple… To check out some more of the highlights, click here.


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