People’s Choice Award

I’ve been meaning to let you all know about a cool award that I won at the end of last year…

The QLD branch of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography held its annual Album of the Year competition in November, and along with about 25 other studios from around QLD I entered my favorite album for judging.  The albums were on display to the public for a weekend, and attendees were invited to vote for their favorite wedding album.   I am excited to say that this beautiful album –


was voted the “People’s Choice” for 2007…!

It was an increadibly humbling experience to get this award, especially considering the wonderful albums on display from so many amazing photographers around QLD.  It is especially exciting, because album design is the part of the entire wedding process that I love the best… I trully believe that your album should be more than just a collection of photos that tell the story of your wedding day, but an artwork itself.

So thank you to everyone who voted for my album, for the AIPP for putting on such a great event, and of course a special thankyou to the most fabulous couple – Cassandra and Adam for allowing me to use their photos to make such a beautiful album.

(To check out the rest of the album just click on the pic.)


2 Replies to “People’s Choice Award”

  1. wow that must of been an amazing feeling!! Congratulations – have your feet touched back on the ground yet?! I just looked at the full album – and wow – definitely a work of art – you get so many photos in with it making it look cluttered!

  2. hey Peta,
    thanks for your kind comments about the album… I certainly aim to allow each photo to have enough “space” of its own in an album design, without compromising the story telling aspect of it. Great that you noticed that… and yes, it was an amazing feeling!!

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