Ingrid and Michael

After a number of setbacks with their wedding planning last year, Ingrid and Michael made up for any disapointment on January the 18th this year. The weather was perfect and so was the entire wedding at Shelley Beach. The day started off at Forest Lake where Ingrid got ready with the help Michael’s two lovely girls.


According to European tradtion, the groom hand delivers the bouquet to the bride before the wedding. It’s the first time they see each other.


What do you do if the train on your dress is creased?? Get your dad to iron it of course…



Michael and Ingrid at the lake where they got to know each other.


After a long drive to the beach, this lovely couple exchanged vows in two languages (with the help of an interpreter) in front of close friends and family, oh and some butterflies…



And one of my favorite celebrants, the wonderful Anne Campbell helped make the ceremony the charming and unique experience that it was.








It was a truly beautiful day on the beach.

To check out more highlights of Michael and Ingrids wedding click here.


4 Replies to “Ingrid and Michael”

  1. Fantastic Pics – the butterflies turned out very nicely despite them not wanting to face the weather.
    My favorite however is Mr de Boe ironing his Ingrid’s wedding dress. You captured the spirit of the father and the daughter completely.

  2. All the photos are beautiful, my favourite is the black and white one, where the father of the bride is cuddling Ingrid,The view is of the back of Ingrid and her father has his eyes closed. The look of pride and love in his face brought tears to my eyes.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments guys. This was really such a beautiful day, and Ingrid and Michael are such lovely people. I always get teary when I see a proud father of the bride, and Ingrid’s dad was certainly no exception… he was just gorgeous and was totally unable to control his absolute pride around Ingrid. These are always my favorite images.

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