Anna and Namit

For Anna and Namit, their ceremony on the 20th January at St. Joseph’s Chapel was only one installment of their wedding celebration. The following week they did it all again, but in a traditional indian celebration. For their western wedding, everything went without a hitch… even the rain that was threatening held back, and instead left some dramatic skies for the photos.

Anna got ready at her parents home in Kenmore. I loved this shaft of light in their halway as soon as I came into the house…


A bit of wind outside…


Namit with his best man giving him the final once over…


Crazy beautiful sky…


a very proud dad walking Anna down the aisle –




after the ceremony we headed over to Hillstone at St.Lucia to check out the beautiful room –



And then it was off to UQ for some lovely shots around the Great Court –


More dramatic skies –



It was definitely a very lovely afternoon. To see some more of the photos from the day, click here.


2 Replies to “Anna and Namit”

  1. beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! I love the cake photo with them both in the background – but my biggest fav would have to be Namit on his own with that great cloudy sky behind him!! Great work Juanita!

  2. Thanks Peta… My brides always get a bit distressed when I tell them that I often hope for an overcast wedding day, but when they see the dramatic skies in their photos, they suddenly understand!

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