More furry personalities

It’s been a while since I posted any of the pics I’ve taken for the fairfield RSPCA shelter, so I thought I would show some of my favorites from the last couple of weeks 🙂




this is the welcome I get when I walk in to every pen –


This little dude is Edmund. He is one of around 100 poodles that were seized a couple of weeks ago by the RSPCA humane officers. They are all currently staying at Fairfield, and this little guy was pretty sick for a while. But after some good TLC from the amazing staff at the shelter, he’s turned in to quite a strapping dog (with a very sophisticated haircut.)


These two puppies gave me a bit of a giggle… I thought they were so cute there sleeping together, so I took a shot. This obviously woke the white puppy who became very curious…


…the black puppy remained totally dedicated to his nap…



another crazy-eared puppy… this time with more control over them than the last little guy –




I became very attached to this little kitten… I struggled not to adopt her myself…


along with her sister…


Obviously if you are interested in getting a new pet, you should definitely check out the RSPCA adoptapet site, where you can find out which extreemly adorable animals are currently waiting down at Fairfield to be your new best friend 🙂


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