Aaron and Jojo

This lovely couple chose the perfect weekend to exhange vows… the weather was absolutely perfect with blue skies all day.

As usual we started out getting photos of the bride getting ready… Jojo looked absolutely amazing.

And over at the gardens, Aaron was looking pretty handsome too…

Jojo’s brother Benny, the ring bearer waiting patiently –

After Aaron and Jojo exhanged vows, they had a beautiful dove release to finish their lovely ceremony.

After a bite to eat and some speeches, we got a few shots around the gardens before heading off to the city for a few more –

Dancing in my favorite part of the city botanic gardens… the light was just magical –

a couple of lovely shots from Dionne –

then it was time for Jojo to get changed in to her Traditional dress and get some shots at the beautiful Stamford Plaza (a special thanks to the fantasitc wedding co-ordinator there, Darren for his help…)

I pulled out my lovely 10.5mm fisheye for this one-

we were blessed with a fantasitic sunset too-

one last shot at the Storey Bridge and it was off to enjoy their evening.

For more highlights of this beautiful wedding, click here.


4 Replies to “Aaron and Jojo”

  1. Hi Jojo.

    Wow! You look amazing! So beautiful…..what a gorgeous bride! Aaron must be stoked to be with someone as stunning and talented as you! I hope you and Aaron cherish these moments and have a life filled of love, happiness, joy and good fortune always.

    Kindest Regards & Best wishes,


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