Natalie and Adam

It’s been a while since I last posted anything here, but hopefully the next few weeks will see a bit of catching up happening…

So starting off with the photos from Natalie and Adam’s wedding a couple of weeks ago…

I had the pleasure of shooting again with the lovely Ann-Louise, who captured some great shots from the day.

We started out at Natalie’s parent’s house and got some great shots of Nat with her bridesmaids, her parents and even her dog…

Natalie looking absolutely stunning –

Gorgeous bridesmaids-

Then it was of to St Stephen’s Cathederal to see how the boys were doing –

by the looks of things they were doing just fine…

and Adam seemed completely unfazed by the upcoming events of the day –

some lovely shots from Ann-Louise of Natalie and her father at the front of the church…

Some romantic shots outside the church…

then it was off to the botanic gardens for some fun shots…

We made a quick stop at the Storey Bridge before heading over to Victoria Park Golf Course for the reception…

Another lovely wedding, with a very easy-going couple.


One Reply to “Natalie and Adam”

  1. I was randomly going through blogs, and I came accross this one and just had to comment you on your BEAUTIFUL photography!! This is probably the best job I have ever seen with wedding photos. Well done!!

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