Chau and Thien

This gorgeous couple had their hands full on their wedding weekend with 2 days of celebrations… on the Saturday was a traditional Tea Ceremony at both their parent’s houses, followed by a more western style wedding ceremony at St joseph’s church in Corinda on the Sunday.

I was accompanied by the lovey Denise Yates who caught some fantastic candid moments on the day.

So, here’s a few photos of Chau in traditional red for the Tea Ceremony –

The boys arrived in style in a London Cab –

the ceremonies then proceeded with lots of gift giving and smiling…

On the Sunday, Denise and I arrived just as Chau was getting ready with the girls…

We both found it very hard not to get carried away photographing just Chau all day… she was obviously looking absolutely amazing…

Over at the church, Thien was looking only slightly nervous…

After the ceremony, we headed to the city for some romantic shots around the botanic gardens and outside the Stamford Plaza before heading off to the reception.

A big thanks to Chau and Thien for being such a great couple to photograph! If you want to check out some more highlights from their wedding, click here.


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