This is Portia.

I photographed her at the Fairfield RSPCA shelter on Friday, where she was just visiting to say hi to everyone. She was sooooo full of beans – very hard to get her to keep still to get these pics. Unfortunately she wasn’t always looking so gorgeous… she was seized by the RSPCA animal rescue team about a year ago. Hers was considered one of the worst cases of neglect they’ve seen. If you want to see how far she’s come, click here. A word of caution though – it is quite a shocking photo (though as Anita at the shelter said to me on Friday – don’t be sad… look how amazing she looks now!)


2 Replies to “Portia”

  1. Juanita, the pictures you do for the RSPCA warm my heart, and bring a tear to my eye. It makes me want to take all the doggies home with me and love them to bits!!


  2. Juanita – we love the photos you take for us at the Shelter….can’t wait till you are in next – we have a very photogenic pig for you to meet!

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