Shona and Ben

This wedding was a couple of weeks ago now, when we were getting a lot of rain… I was getting a bit worried that the weekend wouldn’t clear and it would all be a bit dark and gloomy, but miraculously the day was absolutely perfect. So was the wedding…

I arrived at Royal Pines in the morning to photograph Shona getting ready. I knew she would look stunning, but I was absolutely blown away by her hair and make up, and increadible dress. I could have photographed Shona all day.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Perhaps all good wedding stories start with a fantasic pair of shoes…

Shona was calm as ever when I arrived… getting the finishing touches from her remarkable stylist…

and then doing a bit of styling herself…

Just about ready, and looking stunning –

Stunning stunning stunning….

ok. I’d better stop now, or I’ll use up my file quota on Shona alone 🙂

Here’s a lighter moment, just before the family photos… Shona and her brother having a sword fight (I think, though her bouquet could have been a lightsaber, I’m not sure…)

Shona with her mum and one of her beautiful grandmas –

This is why I LOVE veils at weddings…

(thank you for braving that fierce wind for me, Shona!)

When I finally dragged myself away from photographing Shona, I met with Mike Scott my assistant for the day at St. Alban chapel at TSS. Here we got some shots of Ben…

and his many groomsmen… hmm… reminds me of Tim and Josie’s wedding 🙂

Ben seemed to be pretty relaxed and happy…

Shona’s mum was pretty excited by Shona’s arrival…

a couple of great shots from Mike from the balcony –

I love Shona’s other granny in this shot –

And here’s Shona’s adorable granny again…

a couple of romantic shots around the grounds near the chapel –

After we left the church, we headed for the Marina, and almost didn’t stop at the beach…

thanks again for braving the wind and cold… (I think it was worth it…)

to check out even more highlights from the wedding, click here.

Congratulations to you both, and thanks for letting me be a part of such a lovely day.


2 Replies to “Shona and Ben”

  1. Hi Juanita, are you able to tell me who Shona’s stylist was and dress was by,she would have to be the most amazing looking bride I have seen!!

    Thank You

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