Fun Stuff

I just had one of those rare things for wedding photographers… a weekend off!  Though, instead of giving my camera a rest, I took it with me.

On Friday night I organised with my favorite assistant, Dionne to go the the Valley, and just “you know… shoot some random stuff…”  so we did.

Amongst Dionne’s other talents in the photography field, you can see that she is also a brilliant model, and method actress…

ooooh spooky long exposures… or does Dionne have a Doppleganger??

(thank you Dionne, you’re such a good sport :-))

So then on Saturday, I went for a drive out Jimboomba way with my fabulous photographer friend Denise (D.A.Yates Photography and Design) to “you know… shoot some random stuff” … so again, we did.  And I must say, I really have to recommend this as a pastime 🙂

We got distracted for a couple of hours at the Canungra Pub, but re-emerged with the full moon, to take a couple more wierdo night shots…

and now for my most favorite photo of the whole weekend… beautiful Denise (worshiping the full moon??)

Sunday’s excursion was out to Marburg to check out the location of a wedding I am photographing in September for a lovely couple John and Katy.  Here are a few of shots from their venue Woodlands of Marburg.

And this is Percy the Python, who we discovered sunning himself on the steps of the main building…

ohhhh I can’t believe I got so close to him…

And now for the real reason to be in Marburg on a fine Sunday morning… an excuse to go for a rare ride in the countryside on my beautiful Moto Guzzi – (John has been in to bikes most of his life… so he was as happy as I was for an excuse to go for a ride…)

We stopped at the pub in Marburg where John and his groomsmen are getting ready for their wedding, to check it out (and stop for a beer…)

couple of intesting sights in the main street of Marburg.

When we got back from the ride, I met John and Katy’s gorgeous dog Coco…

the crazy coincidence is that I have the cat version of Coco (also called Coco…)

(isn’t she cute??)

So the last part of my fabulous weekend was spent staying with my friend Alex near Canungra, with the dog, his cat and some chickens…

Ruger the dog, and Jenny the cat (who has made Alex’s sock draw home…)

And the crazy chickens… who don’t stay still for a second…

and a couple of pretty flowers…

And this photo of the tree in Alex’s backyard was shot at 10pm at night… lit by the moon 🙂

I’m now exhausted from my free weekend… but I’ll be back blogging weddings again later this week 🙂


One Reply to “Fun Stuff”

  1. I never could have thought that dumpsters could look so good. I love what you have done with the wash (?) over the photo, I also love the B&W and sepia of Dionne against the brickwork.

    your work has an organic and earthy feel to me. The pictures are alive, my imagination can run to where the subject would be after the shots were taken. You capture a glimpse of the soul whether it is that of a beautiful bride or an ancient building or petrol pump. Your pictures make me want to know their story. thankyou.

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