john and katy

I was very excited about shooting this wedding… the location was so picturesque, and the couple John and Katy are just such a great pair.  I was just a little taken a-back however when Denise and I turned up at the Marburg Hotel to get some shots of the guys getting ready, when we discovered John’s brother Paul helping John get dressed.  Not just a hand putting on the jacket or tying the tie… but bottoning his shirt, tying his shoelaces, even doing up his fly…!  It seems that John had broken his collar bone a couple of days earlier playing football.  Oh my… Poor John must have been feeling quite a little worse for wear, but I tell you… there wasn’t a complaint from him all day.  Clearly he wasn’t going to let a little floating collar bone get in the way of his big day…!!

the amazing old Marburg Hotel…

I couldn’t find a interesting enough surface to photograph the rings on, so I hung them off a nail on the hotel wall.

You may recall this old petrol bowser, and the red telephone box from my post a couple of weeks ago…

the Marburg antique shop across the road –

Katy was all smiles getting ready with the girls…

looking gorgeous…

The guys arrived for the ceremony at the Woodlands of Marburg on their bikes –

And the girls in a carriage –

A couple of quick shots with the carriage after the ceremony…

a couple of lovely close ups from Denise –

then we headed off around the vineyard for some lovely shots of John and Katy with their bridal party…

the beautiful main building at Woodlands just on dusk…

We had a great day with John and Katy, and I’m still amazed that John managed to get through all the photos without a complaint.

Congratulations guys!

To check out some more of the highlights, click here.


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