The long haul to the g

ok.  let’s hit the road again…!

So if you’ve just tuned in an you’re wondering what’s going on you might like to take a look at Roadtrippin Bliss part one and part two before coming back here to continue on the journey to the G (Grenfell)

So just to take you back to last episode’s cliffhanger… was Denise departing the roadtrip forever, to find happiness somewhere on the road back to Walget??



Welcome back… let the adventures continue…


By now we were pretty close to Narrabri where Denise was born, and where my Grandma grew up.  I’d never been there so it was kind of cool passing through.

I found out that Narrabri hosts the Australian Cotton Reasearch Insitiute (slightly unattractive building, so no photographic evidence I’m afraid) You know theres something going on because of all that cotton along the roadside for miles and miles…

Welcome to Cotton country!


I strangely don’t have any pics of cotton in the field, but you can take my word for it, its very cute.

Of course there’s always time to stop and say hi to passing livestock… unfortunately they were in a hurry so we didn’t get to meet them individually…


Denise’s dad had told us there was a cool national park that was worth checking out near Narrabri, so we popped into the visitor centre to find out.  We decided against the national park (quite a long detour) and opted to visit Sawn Rocks instead… (only slightly less of a detour of about 2 hours).

This is some of the landscape on the way –


And this is Sawn Rocks.  Very cool lava remains from when there were volcanoes around the area (some 20 million years ago??)


the rocks around the base of the big rock were all quite kooky and interesting too…


ohhh pretty leaves…

roadtrip09-1275 copy

So refreshed after our little outing at Sawn Rocks we did the driving driving driving thing again, chatting-to-solve-the-worlds-problems again because the landscape was so flat and same-same for aaaaages, and we came across a little group of mobile homes in the middle of nowhere…


?? strange but true… It turns out there were thermal springs out here (read – small heated swimming pool) which had attracted a little tribe of grey nomads…

We were a little bit spaced out by the whole thing, so didn’t introduce ourselves to the locals…


Instead we thought we’d try some driving driving driving.

Beautiful afternoon light in the middle of no-where –


random pretty weedy-things –


Hi Denise… Did I mention that Denise HATES having her photo taken… 🙂


The road home… The light was just soooooooooo beautiful, we couldn’t resist striking a pose…



Another of  our now well practiced synchronised-jumping-for-the-camera-timer pics…



Soon after this the sun started to set and we needed to make a decision about where to go next.  We considered driving another hour or so to Coonabarabran and staying the night so we could take photos of the amazing starry sky out there, but the weather started closing in, and we decided it would be best to just drive on through the evening and make our way straight to Grenfell.  So we passed through Coonabarabran with only a quick pitstop, and continued to drive through the Pillaga where I looked and looked for Yowies but couldn’t see any.  Denise drove solidly from about 6pm right through till about 10pm (yay Denise!) when we finally arrived in the G… Yippee for the G!

So we pretty much unpacked out gear and headed to bed, because we had our sights set on another Dawn Service…

This is the main roundabout at Grenfell at 5.30am – (don’t know who those two FREAKS are standing right in the middle of the road though…)


this is just around the corner from the roundabout at 6am.  (can you see the Yowie 🙂 )


Then at about 6.30am we had a cuppa with Denise’s  mum at the local IGA wheere she works, before heading off into the beautiful Grenfell surrounds… Magnificent light –


spider’s web on the fence –


the sky reflected in the water… very enchanting –



SHEEP!  Hello Grenfell sheep in the early morning light…


awww pretty weedy-thing –


Denise’s favorite tree in the world.  I love this photo –


and this one –


and this one –




Silloette of photographer with Camera bag –


So we were pretty exhausted by now.  I can’t really remember what happened after that… we probably went home and napped (well I did anyway).  And then looked at the Grenfell Photographic Exhibition that we no longer speak about.  (best not to ask)

So with our body clocks all skewed from all the driving and dawn services, we decided that we would do a night shoot at the G.  Just for fun.

We hung out at the old band hall for a while… waited around for the woodwind section to turn up, but they never did…


but then found those same two FREAKS from the morning, and decided to photograph them.


ummmm… Freaky lady at the clothes line dreaming of a better life….?  I don’t know… it was late, we could have been a little delirious…


Freaky lady trying to steal lemons in the middle of the night…


cool old building up the road from the Band Hall.


AHHHHH my friend the Silo appears again.  20 second esposure… starry starry night.


and FREEZING cold too I might add.  But as you know… we are HARDCORE photographers who will do what it takes



If you look carefully you might see Cid, the Silo ghost…

Alright that’s enought blog-tripping, I mean road-trippin for now 🙂  But don’t think this is the last we’ll see of the Silo… stay tuned for more silo sillyness soon.

and leave a comment why don’t you… it’s fun 🙂


5 Replies to “The long haul to the g”

  1. OMG you’re right Todd… and I look like a tall version of Thelma in those episodes where she wears a beanie and scarf!! Spooky…

  2. Ok, I jump on roads, hang out with dead trees, steal fruit and contemplate my life under a clothes line at 10pm. No one will want to be my friend after this!!!! ha ha,
    Man! You are the most talented person in the world! Go you good thing, these are just so awesome, I love it.
    If you are a potential client and reading this…book junaita she rocks!
    Dawn service soon?

  3. Oh Neesy, thank you! You are my inspiration… muddy boots and all!
    Yes there will definitely be a Brissy dawn service very soon…

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