Saying goodbye to the g

Welcome to the fourth and final episode of “roadtrippin bliss”.  If you’ve just joined us, you might want to catch up on the story so far and take a look at Brisvegas to Lighning Ridge, then Lightning Ridge and beyond, and finally the long haul to the G.

So you’ll recall that Denise and I were spending cold nights photogaphing weirdo Silos…


and what better place to start a fresh day of photography – (approx 10 hours later…) at the Silos again –


This is Denise (amazing photographer, formidable long distance driver, and dear friend) her beautiful daughter Lila, and lovely husband Michael.

We thought we’d take the opportunity to get a long overdue family portrait whilst we were all together in the g.



a lot more difficult thank you think to get a 3 year old to jump in time with her parents… harder even than synchronised-jumping-for-the-camera-timer shots… but much cuter –

roadtrip09-1435a copy

Lila is without a doubt my favorite small-person of all time –


awwww –




They make a beautiful beautiful family…

roadtrip09-1478 copya


up on the old train track –




so we had to finish up the portrait session to get to the main event of the day – the 52nd annual Henry Lawson Festival!

woohooo.  the ACTUAL reason for our roadtrip, some would say…


Yes people come from far and wide (even Brisbane) to participate in the festivities (or maybe they come for the booze up at the pub afterwards, I’m not sure…)

We (Denise and her family and I) got a fantasitic vantage point of the parade from above Denise’s Dad’s office.  I had every intention of taking many many pictures of the festival, but I got a little distracted… by these cool old bottles in the back room –


and the autumn leaves  that were SO beautiful –

roadtrip09-1511 copy


ahhh golden red autumn leaves…


oh, and a parade going on below –


but pretty things up high…


so I’m afraid that was really my coverage of the whole festival.  Like I said… I get distracted easily 😦

So the trip was very close to being over (boooo).  One more sleep and I was going to board the bus to start the journey homeward.  But not before a night on the town in the big G…

I wouldn’t ordinarily take my camera out to the pub, but Denise somehow arranged for it to be in my hands some way through the evening after I mentioned it would be cool to take some photos of the locals…

Well I was mostly too shy to take any culturally interesting pub-shots, so I took a random sampling of body art instead… unfortunately most of the names of the owners of the body art escape me –

this was a nice young man with a scarey tattoo on his torso –


I’m pretty sure this is Sarah’s foot… (hi Sarah)


a nice young man with japanese symbols on his arm –


scarey leg tattoo –


awwww pretty horsey –


ummmm… interesting thing-with-wings tattoo on somebodys back –


and johno’s arm… (hi johno)


another interesting story on another man’s back.


It was indeed a very memorable night out in the G for sure.

But that is where the photographic journey ends…(sigh)

Thank you Denise for sharing many many amazing experiences in this fabulous country of ours.  And thank you for introducing me to the sweet light of the G 🙂

Until next time –


Everybody say YEAH to roadtrippin!


2 Replies to “Saying goodbye to the g”

  1. Hey Juanita,

    Just checked out your blogs under advisement of the beautiful Denise and what can I say you two are adventurous and crazy ladies, I loved them all and look my foot is famous I knew getting that star would get me places!! Especially loved the silo shot at the G, took me back home but actually I loved all the shots awesome job!

    Sarah x

  2. Hi Sarah… glad it actually WAS your foot – I saw lots of tattoos that night… what fun! Glad you liked the pics. And thanks for the input from your now internet-famous foot!!

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