Dionne and the rocking-chair

With a lull in weddings and all roadtripping over for a while, I’ve got a bit more time to blog some of the work that I’ve done in the last couple of weeks… though in no particular order.

This is last  Saturday’s shoot.  Dionne and I have been planning this for a while but never quite managed to pull it off.  Many know Dionne as my fabulous assistant at weddings… she is also invaluable in the office, and it seems as a model as well…


(yes that’s a pear)



still a pear…


and that’s a candle.  Except I forgot my lighter.


dionne-1040a copy




I grew up with this rocking chair… it has been in existance for at least as long as I have.  I have never before taken it to the seaside…




for some reason this is possibly my favorite.  It seems a little sad but feels hopeful as well.


we did the entire shoot in about 20 minutes as the tide at Wynnum came in… quite fast!


Thanks for being my muse Dionne… and thankyou for not being frightened to get your boots wet 🙂



3 Replies to “Dionne and the rocking-chair”

  1. quirky but in a good way. everything is so out of context (in my opinion, and in a good way). things you wouldn’t expect to see together, in an location you wouldn’t expect to see them in. great photos. artistic to the maximum! expect nothing less from the maestro.

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