a most unusual engagement (shoot) part one

This is Jasmine and Callum –


it would be fair to say that they both love dancing.

In fact, they are superstar dancers with Velocity Dance Company.  (Check them out… www.velocitydance.com.au they do heaps of cool stuff.)

I am lucky enough to be photographing their wedding in September so was VERY excited to have organised to do their engagement shoot the other weekend. VERY VERY excited…

So we started out at the Powerhouse with a pair of extreeme orange pants and a beautiful blue dress…





dionne-1107a copy


dionne-1122 copy2

until it was time to dust off the angel wings and do some serious jumping around…

well after an initial angel-sulk, that is







Then it was off to Main Beach to jump around a whole lot more…


oooh, but you’ll have to check back in the next couple of days to see part two of  this most unusual (and deliciously beautiful) engagement shoot…


9 Replies to “a most unusual engagement (shoot) part one”

  1. This is an awesome shoot! Maybe you should call it “a most AWESOME engagement (shoot)”? hehe. Like a well coreographed dance the shoot looks elegant and seemless.

  2. Juanita! This is stunning, no other words to describe it. My fav is the last photo on the water. Can’t wait for part 2!!

  3. J
    Superstar work, just WOW! I’m hanging for part 2 now.
    I see a huge metal print of the 2nd last one – that would be AWESOME!

  4. browsed to your site.

    WOW. you have some incredible photography.
    really, your content is really exciting and vibrant.
    definitely going to look forward to your new work!

  5. Hey Juanita,

    Love the photos (considering i never ever comment on anything in blogs), especially the one of Callum floating as if he was going up to the sky…

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