a most unusual engagement (shoot) part two

Ok so, it is obvious that these two gorgeous people LOVE dancing…



but it is also very clear that they love each other… (yay which means I get to photograph their wedding as well!)

I had a few ideas in mind about what I wanted to acheive for this shoot… I was looking at ways to show their personal connection through dance.  I thought it might be hard for them to take my fuzzy direction (“so can you do that jumpy thing again but this time with your legs and arms all kinda tangled??”) but watching these two intstanly interpret what I wanted in such a fluid and connected way was incredible…


These two communicate through dance… no doubt about it… and I tell you,  it was a joy and a privelege to watch.



ahhhh those angel wings got a run for their money that day 🙂



but this little angel is looking for trouble…





I should also add that we did this part of the shoot late afternoon on the beach… and there weren’t a whole lot of degrees of warmth in the air… that water wasn’t all too pleasant to be splashing about in. But it was almost as if Jasmine and Cullum didn’t feel the cold… they were seriously like kids on the beach jumping around and playing and I just couldn’t tire them out…  I kept expecting them to say “ok that’s enough” but they were unstoppable… When I thanked Callum for tirelessly jumping all afternoon in chilly water, he said “oh you don’t have to thank us for that… we’re designed to jump about like that – it’s in our DNA!”




this is a bit of a random out take, but I quite like it…


ahhh Callum… putting his heart on the line –



another couple of outtakes…



how cute is that…







Thank you Jasmine and Callum for your passion for what you do… it was such an awesome pleasure to photograph you both.

there’s a some more in this gallery if you want to check them out


17 Replies to “a most unusual engagement (shoot) part two”

  1. Juanita..

    OMG, these are fantastic…. i adore these photos… in all seriousness WOW. this would of been so amazing to shoot and you have done a fantastic job! I love it love it love it!!!!

  2. There’s too many to choose my favourite! Love them all. I’d imagine there was a curious crowd watching too!

  3. WOW!! These are the most amazing shots I have ever seen. What a great couple! I love the photo of Jasmine called up on Callum’s back with the angel wings. Fantastic shoot Juanita!

  4. Such a great photo shoot! This one AND the other one. I really like the first photo with fabric that one really screams connection to me. =) Thank you for gracing our eyes with such nice photos!

  5. These are an amazing set of images Juanita!!

    Love them all!.. though that first one is extra amazing 🙂


  6. dude, this stuff is amazing. i would be jumping out of my skin (no weird puns intended) if i had a shoot like this. your photos are incredible. i’m in love with them.

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