Benvenuti in Italia!

My next stop after Bavaria was a cute little town in Tuscany called Bolgheri.  After a crazy 15 hour train journey, I arrived… ahhhh la bella Italia!  Bolgheri is a very pretty little medieval town, from which I have very few photos… oops



The area surrounding Bolgheri has lots of Cypress trees.  They are everywhere.  I have many many random photos of Cypress trees, which I won’t bore you with.  Except this one.


and this one, which is of a quite famous stretch of road that goes for 5km in to town and is lined by cypress trees the whole way.


I did however manage to get a couple of quick photos of the wonderful family that I visited here…

This is Alexandra and Laslo.  Laslo is a SERIOUSLY cute bambino.  He totally stole my heart 🙂


This is Elisabetta.  She is also seriously cute, but she was clearly not in the mood to have her photo taken by me on this occasion…

bolgherifam-1050 copya

nor here with her delightful dad Stefano…








bolgherifam-1061a copya

Thankyou for a sublime couple of days in Tuscany Alexandra and Stefano… What a beautiful family you have 🙂


3 Replies to “Benvenuti in Italia!”

  1. I think you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head on the age old saying: “When in Rome…” and the lesser known end to the expression “bail to somewhere else in Tuscany and take sweet pics of the country-side and its inhabitants”.

    Juanita… when in Rome… when in Rome… =P

    (yes… it’s Monday, I’m at work, and going a little crazy, nice post!)

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