Austria… the pre wedding shoot. of sorts…

Often before a wedding, it’s a nice idea to do a prewedding shoot, or engagement session so both photographer and bride & groom can get comfortable with each other.  I suppose this is a variation on that theme…

Justin and Martina got a group of friends together the day before the wedding and organised to go for a little hike in the mountains near their home.  This is more or less how we understood it… 3 hour hike in the Alps… might get a bit steep and all… but nothing too strenuous – not the day before the wedding…!!  that’s more or less how Justin explained it.  Martina wasn’t so sure it would be so little, so she organised a contingency walk for the less adventurous of the group.  Theoretically, being the day before a big wedding I should probably have been in that group…


It all started out inoccently enough –




then it started to get a little serious…



This is Siebe from Holland.  (not so many mountains in Holland I’ve heard) He is demonstrating our safety gear for the hike (helmet, climbing harnesses and rope).


This is Siebe and Michael “hiking” up behind me…


So it was a wild and crazy climb… but my o my was it an awesome awesome experience!  To experience this countyside… and the views… amazing!

This is Michael looking back to where we came from…


Yay!! the summit!!!!  It only took us about 5 hours to get to this point.  oops.  But SERIOUSLY worth it.


Photographic evidence that we made it to the summit… me, Michael, Justin and Siebe.  (I wasn’t quite ready to take my helmet off at this stage it seems…!)

In Justin’s defence, he has done the hike before in 3 hours, and he didn’t need to use a harness…



getting down seemed strangely more strenuous… very rough terrain to walk through.  I kind of twisted my ankle coming down which was a little worrying… but it came good for the wedding 🙂


amazing amazing views…


back in more civilized terrain…



some Austrian cows just lazing about.





My whole time in Austria was just incredible, and I have to thank Justin and Martina and Justin’s parents for making it such an amazing experience.

This is a photo of the hotel that Justin’s parents run in Klagenfurt.  They are the most fantasically hospitable people I have met.  If you’re considering a stay in this part of Austria, look them up and book a room


and this is the view from the hotel… breathtaking!


stay tuned for some wedding photos 🙂


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