Tia and Paddy

This is Tia and Paddy… possibly the most laid back, yet glamorous couples I have met…  They had their lovely ceremony at St Bridgit’s at Red Hill and  their reception at the Riverlife centre at Kangaroo Point.

beautiful rings and flowers

the girls helping Tia in to her amazing dress…

Although Tia clearly looks like an angel…

she was definitely up for some cheeky fun

Tia and her beautiful mum –

Oh goodness, how about these bridesmaid’s shoes!!

and the beautiful girls

Tia striking a couple of poses –

WOW! I could have stayed and photographed Tia all day…

We headed over to the church to catch up with Paddy and the boys…

very handsome –

a brotherly hug –

and a proud mum with her sons

Tia’s increadibly adorable neice and nephew –

And Paddy looking a little nervous?

Tia arrives…

curious flower girl –

after the lovely ceremony, we headed over to the GOMA for a couple of shots…

and then it was off to Kangaroo Point for a few shots before the reception.

Tia and Paddy were a blast to photograph – there is certainly never a dull moment with these two around!!

For more pics from the wedding, click here.


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