a lemon tree, a corrugated iron fence and a shed.

At the start of this month I took a lovely little trip to one of my favorite cities in the world – Melbourne.  Whilst there I stayed with one of my favorite people in the world – my friend Jo.  She lives in Fitzroy (an especially likeable part of Melbourne) in a cute little house with a cute little garden, a lemon tree, a corrugated iron fence and a shed.

I love this about Melbourne houses.  The back fence and citrus trees.

So this is how it happened.

I said I love that fence.  I love how the neighbour’s lemon tree tree hangs over.

And then I decided it would be cool to take some family photos right there, by the back fence.

So I asked Jo if she had some hats and scarves or other wintery things that would give the proper cozy feel to the photos….

… and she came out looking like this.

And that’s why I love Jo… she is simply adorable.

And of course she has two adorable kids (go figure!)

gorgeous Maia

and the very handsome Kai, who is also a robot.  and a zombie…. just depends on what mood he’s in I guess.

Now here’s Jo and Maia clearly trying to be robots for the camera…

but not succeeding…

And then Kai tries to be a zombie and attack Jo’s knee??  I don’t know really…

A mum and daughter squeeze –

And a mum and son tickle –

And the whole family including Casey the one-eyed cat.

Maia and her best mate –

and just the kiddos together.

Hello and goodbye lovely Melbourne.  I hope to see you again soon xx


3 Replies to “a lemon tree, a corrugated iron fence and a shed.”

  1. These are GREAT photos. Love them. So much cosiness and character. I’d like to say I have a favourite, but truth be told they are all my favourites.

  2. so very Jo! fantastic photos as usual – totally agree about the fence – such character. Thankyou for sharing them. Love and hugs

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