Adora and Earl

Earlier this month I had the absolute pleasure of being a part of Adora and Earls wedding day.

We started this amazing day getting photos of Adora and her girls getting ready at the Marriot Hotel in the city.

Of course you couldn’t get a more exquisite bride if you tried…

What a wonderful pleasure to photograph such a serene and angelic woman.

After we finished at the Marriot, it was off to the church to catch up with Earl and the guys…

the girls arrive…

very proud dad.

Adora and Earl are such a beautiful couple – not only to photograph, but just to be around.  They both have such a warmth and ease about them…

After getting some lovely shots of the church, we headed to the botanic gardens in the city for a bit of fun,

and some romantic shots by the river.

Then it was off to Customs house for the reception.

What a beautiful day this was.  Thank you Adora and Earl, you are delightful!

To check out some more highglights from the wedding, click here.


11 Replies to “Adora and Earl”

  1. Ahhh Jono you are amazing!! No sooner do I post the pics than I get a comment from you… you are legend! Thank you for the lovely comments 🙂

  2. Possibly, no not possibly, the BESTEST ever shot of that private entrance doorway at customs house EVER!
    Gosh you are so clever.

  3. why thank you Lady-bird. yes Adora is a fabulous name, but then so is Alyda 🙂

    Neesy you are a doll. Thank you xx

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