the wednesday experiment

– the imperfect image –

This blogging thing is sometimes really hard.  Whilst I love blogging my latest wedding and portrait adventures, I often find it quite difficult to post some of my more random photography work.  I often see it as imperfect or unfinished, and I worry it will be judged too harshly, or just misunderstood.

So I have decided that I’d like to experiment with the idea that each imperfect or random image leads us to creating the truly amazing stuff.

The stuff that makes us lose our breath for a moment… makes our hearts beat a little faster.

This is the stuff I ache to create.

And sometimes that imperfect image is in fact perfect for the simple reason that it has recorded a particular moment in time that will never be repeated.

And sometimes imperfection is actually better than perfection because it leaves us with something to hope for and strive towards.

I want my photography to be a dynamic and evolving thing, and I want to be brave enough to share it in all it’s imperfect glory.

This experiment is about being committed to my creative process, about pushing through the excuses and sharing more of the random.

I am hoping this will make me to be a braver photographer.


14 Replies to “the wednesday experiment”

  1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Why should we be afraid of imperfection? I think noticing imperfection and learning from them to make the steps towards perfection is what makes perfection so great! Is it about the goal or about the journey? I think the journey has so many tales to tell, tales that we shouldn’t be scared to share. Like a baby who falls over, if they never get up and fall over again, they haven’t tried to walk. (not saying you’re a baby…)

    1. Jono that’s just perfect – the journey has so many tales to tell… indeed! And we shouldn’t be scared to share… you are so right. You’ve already made me feel braver! thank you!

  2. I have a dear friend in the US who, every time her little girl falls over or drops something, claps her hands and cheers “Yaaaa”. What a confidence and willingness to give things a go she is gifting her daughter with… sort of like you… bravely sharing your journey with us and welcoming us to join you in discovery, adventure and humanity. I LOVE it!!!
    Cheering you on cherished Nete xxx

  3. LARRY SULTAN: “But when it comes down to making work that really sings, I don’t know if I can teach any of it. I don’t even know if I can do any of it half the time. It’s so much about failure, it’s so much about making pictures that are so utterly boring and overstated, you’re endlessly disappointed. And in that proc…ess you hopefully find something that draws you back and calls to you.”
    … you’re in good company Juanita.
    The top two particularly call to me.

    1. Awesome quote Stephen… and so true. It’s so much about failure – I think we need to rework the meaning of this word… or just be less frightened of it as photographers/artists.

  4. I’m afraid I have missed the point – I can’t see the imperfections. I see powerful images.

    For some reason, the image of the power pole evoked in me a feeling of lonelines. It feels like it is a relic of the past, unmaintained, un-noticed (but for you) and slowly rotting but still strong.

    The next says freedom and happiness to me. These birds can fly anywhere, they rest for but a moment on the wire and then are off, wheeling a soaring, enjoying the air. This one makes me think of the incredible opportunities in life, just waiting to be discovered as we take flight, but also the reminder to delight in the simple things, the view when we rest.
    (I have to do another post – I’ve run out of room 😉

  5. I had to think a little on the last one but it did come to me. I think that is an essential part of art – to be beautiful but also to inspire a reaction, a thought, a challenge.

    The ‘message’ I see is to be robust when things get tough. The unyielding marble represents the challenge and the delicate and fragile figure that walks boldly across it has an air of confidence and belief in herself. The marble will stay there, locked in time, but the young girl will grow and mature and experience so much more.

    My thoughts may sound silly to others – that’s OK. But you give me a gift with your images. You challenge me, humble me, inspire me, comfort me. Even when I revisit them – their power remains. That’s what an artist is – you are an artist.

    please post more.
    Love Liz

    1. Liz , really, it is way to early in the day for me to be getting all teary, but look what you’ve done…
      You constantly surprise and humble me with your capacity to understand and FEEL my work probably better than anyone I know. Perhaps even better than me… as I don’t always understand what I am photographing, and I prefer to leave it up to you, the viewer to make sense of it. Well thank goodness it’s people like you that are looking so fondly at my work 🙂
      Thank you for posting your beautiful thoughts… they are of course no more silly than the images themselves, so perhaps what we have here is a collaboration…
      thank you again for your wonderful input.

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