Last week I had the pleasure of meeting this brand new person –

Her name is Georgia and she has teeny hands and teeny feet

This is her dad Dave… she was lucky enough to hang out with him  for the first 2 weeks of her life before he went back to Afganistan for another 6 months (yep Dave’s in the Army).

They already seem like great mates…

This is her lovely mum Kristy who will love her enough for two people until Dave gets back…

This is Rose, another very cute member of the family…

and everyone together…

What a beautiful little girl you are Georgia!

It was great to see Kristy and Dave again… I actually  photographed their wedding back in 2007… so lovely to see thier love still going strong 🙂


4 Replies to “Georgia”

  1. The photo of daughter on Dads chest looking into the camera is really touching! You’ve done so well to show the fragile innocence of a newborn (and their wrinkely bums =P). Quite a poignant post considering your previous one about experimenting, I could draw many parallels but I don’t think I need to, you get the picture (pun totally intended). =)

    Do you know what I love slightly more than this blog entry? The fact that you’ve been blogging heaps lately! Yaay!

    1. oh Jono thank you for your lovely comment… you’ve totally made my day (and it wouldnt have been the first time 🙂 )

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