The Wednesday Experiment issue #2

-scary beautiful-

So I’ve come to believe creative stuff must be shared… in all it’s kookiness, with all it’s flaws (real or perceived)

Sometimes I think art isn’t truly art until it has been viewed by someone else.  This is often very difficult for me because I don’t always want my work to be judged… mostly I just want to put it out there and for it to just be.

So it is again Wednesday… and this is the day that I have dedicated to posting some random photos regardless of whether I feel like it or not.  Regardless of how challenged I am about the process.  Because somehow it has no value if it isn’t shared.

And sometimes I think we move onto the next idea so quickly these days without fully recording and processing the last.

This place no longer exists.  I drove past it the other day and realised it is no longer there.  I knew this would happen when I went with my mate Bruce months ago to photograph it.

We knew it was a demolition site and it intrigued us enough to get up at 5am to capture it at dawn.  (There may or may not have been trespassing involved.)

I’m glad we did. Because somehow I am a little bit sad that it’s no longer there.


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