bit of family history in the making

this is Taylor.

She is the cool new addition to the Harvey Family.

She is sweet and cute and wonderful to cuddle 🙂

And in this photo she reminds me of an Amish baby… or how I imagine one would look like as I have never actually met an Amish baby.

I have lots of lovely photos of Taylor, but let’s backtrack a bit… Let me introduce the whole family first.  This is Taylor’s mum Sharon, her brother Alex and her dad Mark.

Isn’t it cute how Alex is trying to squash Taylors head??

I first met Sharon and Mark when I shot their wedding back in um… 2006?  And then I got to photograph Alex when he was just a wee man

How cute is he??  So then about a year later I got to have another go, because he was just getting cuter and cuter…

cute-as-a-button clearly runs in the family…

so I already established that Alex knew how to work it for the camera… and so this is the gem he gave me on Monday –

oh well… it was supposed to be about his sister anyway…!

So here she is –

I can’t believe I actually caught Alex kissing her… it was over in a millisecond –

With the help of some hardcore tickling from dad, Alex was back in the game…

Taylor with her dad

Wow that was a waaaaaay longer story than I thought it would be.  But worth it…

I love that I get to watch families grow and change…  it makes me remember that in a small way part of my job is recording history.

Family history.  And that’s pretty cool.


8 Replies to “bit of family history in the making”

  1. And a great story it is. Love the progression, it’s like studio photojournalism?? haha yeah I’m just making things up. Really beautiful though, my for definite favourite is Alex in the chair. Imagine him having a picture when he is an old man in a chair like that with the same pose.

    1. I love it “studio photojournalism” !! I like it when you make things up 🙂 I might make it a tradition to photograph Alex in that chair every time, just for the comparison. I love that shot too… he’s so small in the big chair…. one day he won’t be

  2. Hi Juanita, firstly, thank you so much for the photo session we did with Taylor, I love each and every photo, you’ve captured moments in time we’ll never get back. Thanks also for posting some of them to your blog and adding the previous shoots of Alex. You beat me to making the comparison of Alex at the same age, I can’t believe how different they look from each other. Thanks once again, I love how utterly unique your work is and can’t wait for the next one…

    1. oh it was of course my absolute pleasure to photograph your beautiful family! I love being the official Harvey family photographer ! lovely to share a bit of your family history 🙂

  3. Well I may be biased as I am an Aunty Bec but I have what a gorgeous nephew and niece. I love the one of Alex giving Taylor a kiss. A special moment and as they get older perhaps not one you will capture again. These are wonderful moments for Mark and Sharon and the family.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Aunty Bec! You may be biased, but I’m not… they ARE gorgeous kids 🙂

  4. Heya,
    Wow what a beautiful family, so great to see, I can’t believe how big Alex is! Time is flying by way too fast!

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