the wednesday experiement issue #5

– removing the expectation –

One of my commitments to myself this year was to prioritise shooting random stuff for myself.  I guess this has resulted in these Wednesday posts in an effort to make myself hold the commitment.  But as a working photographer it is so easy to let your own projects slip by the wayside when you are busy doing the paid work.  It is great being paid to do what you love to do, but it is very easy to forget to practice your ‘art’ of photography when you are busy shooting for other people.

For a wedding photographer it is a quiet few months over winter, and I must say I love the change of pace. I get to catch up on all those jobs that weren’t top priority in the busy months, and there even seems to be time left over to play.

Strangely though, even when I have heaps of time, I still find it hard to make myself go and shoot stuff for myself.  Perhaps it’s a result of that too-many-expectaions thing that I mentioned last week.

Like anything I guess… you have good days and bad days and sometimes it is hard.  I often find myself searching and yearning for creative inspiration and it just doesn’t come.  But I am learning to take the photo any way, and accept when it doesn’t turn out how I want it.  My trip to Hobart was like that.  The photos are fine, but they weren’t what I wanted at the time.

But sometimes…. sometimes without any effort at all you take your camera somewhere and the planets align and whammo.  magic happens.  You feel it, you own it, you love it.  And time stands still.

So Sunday was one of those days… I thought what the hell, I’m going to go for a drive and take my camera and see what happens. I am still excitedly working on the rest of images, but I’ll post a few from the start of the day, and a sneak peak of the rest.

I started out with the vague idea of capturing the early morning light on the bay somewhere (thank you for the inspiration Denise… sorry you couldn’t make it…) and then perhaps head out to Redcliffe to check out a shipwreck that I had read about some time ago.

So cool.  Sunrise was a boring non-event (photographically speaking :-)), so I headed to Redcliffe and found this lonely old tree standing in the water.

actually his little mate came to join him after a while.

it was such a beautiful day by the seaside with birds and pelicans and sunshine and I relaxed and took the time to play.

and then I found the shipwreck and was in heaven….  photographic heaven.

No kidding.

The interesting thing is, I am not sure that these photos are any better to look at than the ones I posted last week, but to me, they feel amazing.  They make me feel happy and connected and remind me to shoot without expectation more often.

Photography is such an subjective sport isn’t it?

I’ll post some more from the shipwreck when they are done.


5 Replies to “the wednesday experiement issue #5”

  1. I had written a long comment, realised it was a bunch of nonsense and deleted it. The photos of the two trees and the two birds go together really well. They make me think of things like accompaniment, guidance, the companionship of someone you look up to. I really like them!

    The ship photos are really intriguing. A reminder of just how ephemeral our lives are. The shipwreck is all that remains of a capable vessel that was once on a journey. The birds show just how quickly it all flutters away. I’m not meaning to be morbid, if we aren’t aware of how fleeting it is, it could be gone all too quickly without savouring what it is we have. Before we know it our vessel has run aground and our rusty old bones are all that left.

    Hmmm… you really were switched on that day.

    1. That’s funny… i do the comment-delete thing all the time 🙂
      Thanks for your beautiful words to describe the pics Jono. It was funny, when I first saw the trees in the water, all I saw was the one tree on it’s own, and became fixated on it… then I realised that the other tree was right there and I was totally drawn to their “relationship”. There is that feeling of companionship or ‘someone to look up to’ there isnt there?
      Thankyou for sharing your thoughts on the shipwreck… what a beautiful way to describe it. I too found the vision of it very intriging.

  2. Bugger. I would have fallen totally in love with the trees if I had been with you. You know how I have a thing for trees. Glad I could be of some inspiration. I was there in spirit….the spirit of your beautiful trees. Lovely work J.

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