the wednesday experiment issue #6

– shipwrecked –

so here are the rest of the photos that I took last weekend.

The shipwreck…. I love this thing!

It feels more like a spaceship than a shipwreck to me…

…or some strange beast washed up on shore.

I am realising that Brisbane holds many strange little secrets, just waiting to be discovered…


9 Replies to “the wednesday experiment issue #6”

  1. Eerie, I can almost hear the captain (with black eye patch of course) calling to his “maties” on image #4.
    Skeletons of times gone bye! This Wednesday’s experiment has taken me on a fabled journey… Thanks you talented artist you!!!

  2. Juanita – as usual you have captured the heart of what you photograph. You have animated an inanimate object and given it a soul. This once proud man made ‘beast’ still has an energy about it – a resilience, a defience…it also looks like it enjoys a laze about in the sun with the crystal waters tickling its hull and the seagulls wheeling above.


  3. I cant stop singing Orinoco Flow after seeing this…..So haunting yet I want to explore the ship and sail away. I think Enya would love your pictures…I do.

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