Remember Rita’s beautiful belly?  Well this is who was inside…

This is Rose and she is beautiful indeed.

I meet her parents Rita and Michael back in 2007 when I photographed their gorgeous wedding… again it is such a pleasure to be able to follow their love story and meet this sweet little person they have created.

This is one of my favorite baby pics of all time… I love Rita’s outfit, and Rose looks just a teeny bit shocked.

Isn’t she just the cutest little doll you’ve ever seen??!

This little Rose has totally captivated my heart that’s for sure…


9 Replies to “Rose”

    1. thanks Jono, you know I only just noticed the reflection when I was posting this image on the blog. How’s that for an eye for detail!! cool of you to notice straight away 🙂

  1. Oh, how amazing for little Rose to look back in years to come and have the most beautiful baby pictures in the world to look at. You have to put these on display. I am with Jon I love the cupboard.

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