the wednesday experiment issue #7

– don’t forget the pear –

ok this is pretty random, even for the wednesday experiment… but I have discovered a love of still life photography… you know… flowers and fruit and stuff.

Believe me I am more shocked than you could ever be.

I am thinking I might start doing a random little kitchen series… what do you think?

This is the pear I had from breakfast.  I cut it open and thought wow that’s perfect.  I was clearly in quite a kooky headspace to think to reach for my camera, but I’m glad I did.

I love pears.

and so a dear friend of mine from Sydney stayed with me last week and we went to the West End markets (my favorite place to be on a Saturday morning) and she bought me a lovely bunch of Sunflowers.  They have been on my table practically begging to be photographed all week, so I finally did…

(thanks for the Wednesday inspiration Heidi)


8 Replies to “the wednesday experiment issue #7”

  1. OMG Nete, the sunflower pics are amazing!!! The first of the series will be the next piece of Broderick Photography wall art in my space!!!

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