Pualani and Corey… the abridged version

This is the gorgeous couple whose wedding I shot on Saturday.  I couldn’t help myself I just had to edit a couple of them to show.

How cute are they??!  As you can imagine, I spent a lot of the day smiling…

I was enamoured with their traditional chinese outfits and made them do all sorts of odd traditional posing….

…. which Corey found hilarious…!!

Pualani… You are divine!  I love this photo 🙂

In this photo I made them stand in a swamp… no complaints from these guys… nothing but 100% romance…

And Llamas!! What wedding is complete without a Llama or two in the photo?!

I had SUCH a beaufitul day hanging out with this brilliant couple and their lovely friends…

This is just a teeny sneak peek… more to come in the next couple of weeks 🙂

Thank you Pualani and Corey for sharing such an amazing day with me.


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