the wednesday experiment issue #8

– the almost thursday experiment –

Well it seems I’ve been in Wednesday denial for the last couple of days…

I dreamt up no less than 3 separate and totally awesome ideas for shoots this week, left the house specifically to shoot for it exactly twice, agonised for approximately 2 hours in total and came up with exactly no images…

it seems that I could have issues with the execution part of this experiment…

So I will agonise no longer (as it is now almost Thursday) and treat you to some goodies from my (thankfully) bountiful archive of un-shown images.

Once again from my most recent Venice trip.

There’s something fabulously intriguing about the passageways through Venice… I always get the feeling that there is some secret destination or worthy goal just out round the corner or up the stairs.

Of course the reality in Venice is that just around the corner you’ll usually find another fabulously intriguing passageway…


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