the wednesday experiment issue #9

It’s wednesday again and that means I get to play around with the purely creative side of what I do (yay!)

I’ve been indulging my new found love of still life photography this week. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy it…

I started with these pretty little gumnuts…

… and quickly moved on to my regular still-life subjects… Pears!

You all know by now that I love pears.  Their shape is so beautiful and unique and a little bit random…

and look, the pears at my house seem to have a habit of multiplying…

Five pears…. no wait seven pears…

ummmm…. seven pears and a cat…?

This is my assistant Coco.  She is always willing to help out with photo ideas.  She’s great like that.

This is her sultry-still-life-look.


10 Replies to “the wednesday experiment issue #9”

  1. Oh Cocolila…
    Love your pears, perhaps my tomatoes can hang out with your pears soon. And the gumnuts..they are so unique. Love it.
    I promise to plant you a pear tree.

  2. You’ve led me to discover a new quality, frameworthiness. These definitely have that quality. That image of Coco cracks me up, she’s definitely the reigning majesty of the house.

    1. That’s an awesome compliment… thanks Jono. Frameworthiness… I love it!
      I sometimes pretend that I am the reigning majesty of the house, but you know the truth…

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