Pualani and Corey

Remember Pualani and Corey?

Yes of course you do – they are the cutest couple in traditional chinese oufits that you’ve ever seen 🙂

it’s time to show you some more pics from their relaxed and beautiful wedding a couple of weeks ago…

As all good relaxed weddings start – the groom and his mates hitting some golf balls around…

whilst Pualani and the girls hung out with the makeup artist

this is the beautiful pen that Corey bought is soon to be wife as soon as they were engaged… apparantly he had to search far and wide, but finally got the one he was after…

Corey getting ready

and Pualani getting help in to her beautiful wedding dress

just so pretty 🙂

every one gathered around before Pualani arrived

the ceremony at Ruffles Resort over looking the Gold Coast.

Corey giving Pualani her new pen to sign their marriage certificate… Pualani wasnt the only one with a tear in her eye 🙂

and after a little rest, it was back to their room to get changed into their traditional outfits for a Chinese tea-ceremony.

a couple of shots around the pond…

I had so much fun photographing these lovely outfits…

then it was back into the white wedding gown for a couple more pics around the area…


soooo much cute going on with these two!

And then a lovely evening celebrating with good friends and family…

for more highlights from this magical day, click here.

Thank you again Pualani and Corey for including me in such a wonderful celebration!


3 Replies to “Pualani and Corey”

  1. That last shot is my favorite. Sorry, I love the wedding shots but the camera angle, perspective and the beautiful sky at dusk are just captivating with the lights from the house reflecting ont he water.

    Thakns for sharing.

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