the wednesday experiment issue #10

– trees –

trees! they’re cool.

I found these two nudies near Jocob’s Well –

I went to Jacob’s Well because I had never been and I thought I might find a killer pic of a well there.

Or a guy named Jacob.

Instead I found a pair of wistful looking tress. That’s ok too.

I drove for about 2 hours in total and looked out the window a lot thinking “oh that might work” and “that could look cool” but all I got was the trees… (and a small tear in my trousers from when I ducked through a barbed wire fence.)

So I thought I needed at least another tree, and perhaps a spring-like blossomy thing and so forced myself to go out again.  This time I road my bike to Orleigh Park in West End.

I saw this fine looking tree –

and this one –

and there were a couple of these trees with pretty spring flowers –

I’m finding this Wednesday thing a little tough at the momment.  Seems to be a lot more driving around and agonising than actual inspired photography.

But at least I didn’t resort to the archives…

Happy Wednesday to ya 🙂


5 Replies to “the wednesday experiment issue #10”

    1. good point. Concept shooting is a great idea. I will have to think about a visual image for Justice… it might take me a while. I can think of many images for injustice…
      thanks for the input jono 🙂

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