new sample album

I thought you might like to see the digital version of my lovely new studio sample album.  The kind folks at Photomounts and Albums Australia are putting it together as we speak.  (Or write that is…)

I love seeing photos printed out… it gives them a life of their own.  You get to touch them, pass them around, and hold them close.  I guess wedding albums are really the highest expression of this for me….  I love designing these unique books for my clients.

This album has been made from the photos of Adora and Earl’s exquisite wedding back in June.  It is a 10 inch square album printed on delicious art paper with a canvas cover.

I hope it will make all who see it swoon.

hint – click on the pretty picture to see clever slideshow of album 🙂


12 Replies to “new sample album”

  1. Wow Juanita, what a beautiful album and beautiful couple. There are a number of stand out shots, too many to mention but I particularly love the group one with Adora and Earl surrounded by their community – wow… what a wedding is all about in my mind!!!

  2. Juanita, your album is just stunning! Love the Square wedding albums, would love to see your sample album when it’s completed. A gorgeous couple with amazing wedding memories captured in your album!

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