Miranda’s Magnificent Belly

This is Miranda and her magnificent belly.

it was my huge pleasure to have  photographed this beautiful woman a couple of weeks ago.

Is she not divine??

and this is her lovely husband Roger.

I photographed Miranda and Roger’s wedding many moons ago, so it has been wonderful to finally share another stage of their journey together.

so CUTE  !

Oh! what an exciting time…! the waiting and wondering.

Miranda I am sooooooo looking forward to meeting the little person inside your belly….

Soon 🙂


8 Replies to “Miranda’s Magnificent Belly”

    1. ha ha… yeah, and you’ve probably already seen them on her facebook page anyway… but thanks for commenting anyway. I really love these pics…. mostly because I know just how excited Miranda is to be pregnant…

  1. Oh! Yay they’re finally up here. I’ve been checking every day. Was hoping to be the first to comment (can’t beat Jono). Hi Jono… Hi Juanita.

    I am totally thrilled these have really captured something special. I just can’t believe there is a baby in there!

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