the wednesday experiment issue #17

If you haven’t been here before, the wednesday experiment is a regular feature where I explore the random, spontaneous, and purely artistic side of my personal photography practice.  I try not to let it be about the finished product, rather about the process. It is about challenging myself as a photographer, regardless of the outcome.

I drove by the Sherwood Arboretum on the way home from a job this afternoon, and thought I would pop in to say hi to the trees.

The trees were pretty shy, and none of them wanted to have their photo taken today.  Strange I know…  but there was a swampy thing complete with water lillies that kind of caught my eye.

and then I saw this mean looking weedy-thing

and then I stumbled upon a birdy num-num convention.

I love these guys… they are not the most agile creatures I have ever seen, but they were fun to photograph.

Happy Wednesday night 🙂


4 Replies to “the wednesday experiment issue #17”

  1. I adore these photos – as I do all of your work! I live in Sherwood, so they are just that little bit more special to me
    : )
    It was such a treat for me to meet you on Saturday night x

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