the wednesday experiement issue #18

If you haven’t been here before, the wednesday experiment is a regular feature where I explore the random, spontaneous, and purely artistic side of my personal photography practice.  I try not to let it be about the finished product, rather about the process. It is about challenging myself as a photographer, regardless of the outcome.

Today’s Wednesday experiment is inspired by Karen from Bliss Floral Design.

Apart from being an amazing floral artist, Karen is currently one of my fabulous Camera Playschoolers

*hi Playschoolers!*

Last night she turned up to class with not only a beautiful bunch of flowers for me, but she had baked some of the most A-MAZING vegan chocolate brownies I have ever tasted.

This was what was left by the end of the class.  There was much debate as to whether I should photograph those last two, or just eat them…

(and yes playschoolers, that is indeed a shallow depth of field you are seeing, can you guess what f-stop??)

the brownies, sadly, no longer exist…

However, the flowers are still alive and well and filling my house with the most glorious perfume…

Of course they were beautifully arranged in a vase by Karen when she arrived, but I had to, well, deconstruct them a little for some wednesday-like experimentation.

thank you Karen! (and I did put the bouquet back together almost as good as your original arrangement…)

Happy Wednesday to you all!


12 Replies to “the wednesday experiement issue #18”

  1. Vegan chocolate brownies? Beautiful flower bouquets? You guys sound like you are having so much fun… and Karen it appears you rock!!!
    Great photos Nete, am particularly taken by the upside down shadow flower (#5 I think), though it took my tummy a number of growls to get beyond the first two shots 😉

  2. Beautiful photos – I can’t pick a favourite they are all so good.
    I am obviously learning from the very best – vegan brownies and flowers are the least I can do. F-stop on the brownies would be 2.8 ????

  3. I’ve never tasted vegan brownies. And looks like I’ve never tasted photography, I would have said somewhere around f1.4-2.0 for that first shot! I think I need to go back to school.

    1. well I think you’re doing alright by the looks of your photography Jono 😉 Yep 2.8 at the 70mm end of my 24-70 zoom can give a pretty tight DOF up close…

  4. Don’t worry Jono, I’ll show you a thing or two, II totally knew the brownies taken with an f stop of 2.8!

    The brownies were AMAZING, the flowers were GORGEOUS and the photos are SPECTACULAR!

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