art prints for sale

Hello friends… I have some exciting news!

A lot of you, my beautiful readers, have been wondering whether I would consider selling some of my art prints, especially the Wednesday Experiment series.  Well I have considered and… the answer is an exciting and resounding YES! (followed by a less emphatic but not just yet…)

Whilst I am very close to getting my online shopping facilities and all the other production details sorted, (YAY!) I am still a little way off being ready to open shop.  I am well on my way though, and I’m finding it to be a very exciting process, which is teaching me that all good things take time 😉

So you all need to be patient a bit longer… EXCEPT…

IF YOU GET IN QUICK, you may be able to snap up one of a handful of my favourite prints that are up for auction over the next two days by an amazing local charity called PROJECT 18!

So if you have been thinking of buying a beautiful matted art print from one of my Wednesday Experiment series… NOW is the time to move…

Here’s where you can put your bid in at PROJECT 18 First you have to ‘like’ their facebook page, and then go to the November auction and make a bid on one of my prints… (or anything there that takes your fancy really…)

Not only will you get one of my pretty photos for your wall (lucky lucky you 🙂 ), you will also get a fantastic warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you have helped raise money to build an orphanage and wildlife refuge in Sumatra.

Project 18 is an amazing not for profit organisation that aims to not only provide the basics of food and shelter to orphans and underprivileged kids and thereby raise their quality of life, but to empower communities to create sustainable lifestyles for themselves and future generations by giving them the tools, knowledge and opportunities that they need.  Check out the PROJECT 18 website for more about what they are doing.

Even more amazing is that this little gig is run by an incredibly courageous Sunshine Coast woman, Cate Bolt who has a big dream…  Go read about her here and be inspired and then go and buy one of my prints here.

Here are just SOME of the prints that are on offer until Thursday the 18th November.  Bidding closes at 5pm…

_JMB6675y_JMB1203a copyvenetian dreams08_JMB8622a copy

venetian dreams05happy sunflowerautum leaf_JMB6774 copy

What are you waiting for??  GO MAKE A BID!  you will change someone’s life…


4 Replies to “art prints for sale”

  1. finally 😀

    It seems I’ll still have to be patient for a bit longer though? To satisfy my craving for your art I have indeed started bidding. my favourite one already has a high price tag, but there are so many beautiful choices ………and what a wonderful cause to support.

    1. oh thank YOU Liz… you sweet sweet thing! How about a compromise… If the bidding goes beyond your comfort zone, I’ll supply you with your own copy of your favorite print and you can donate what you are comfortable with to project 18… It’s a win-win!! xx

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