the wednesday experiment issue #20

If you haven’t been here before, the wednesday experiment is a regular feature where I explore the random, spontaneous, and purely artistic side of my personal photography practice.  I try not to let it be about the finished product, rather about the process. It is about challenging myself as a photographer, regardless of the outcome



Do you remember Miranda’s beautiful pregnant belly a few weeks ago?

Well Miranda went into labour on a Wednesday evening, and we had discussed the possibility of me photographing her birthing story.  As neither of us had ever done this before (ie given birth, or photographed a birth…) we decided it would be one big experiment.

A Wednesday Experiement you could say…

So here it is… the Wednesday experiment that produced a sweet new soul called Danika.

This was my first and last shot of the labour (I got scared and ran out of the room after the first contraction…)

When I came back (just half an hour later…!) there was a brand new little girl… just minutes old.  Incredible!

Here’s Roger cutting the umbilical cord

and his first cuddle

Danika was prodded and poked and weighed and measured

And I think it is fair to say that she wasn’t as pleased as the rest of us at her arrival into the world.

But she it looks like she was going to give this thing called life her best shot anyway 🙂

This was a most beautiful experiment indeed!

A wonderful little journey full of anticipation, nervousness, awe and joy.

Thank you for giving me such an amazing opportunity Miranda and Roger…  Congratulations and happiest of Wednesday’s to you!



13 Replies to “the wednesday experiment issue #20”

  1. Juanita… have just discovered your experiment page! i am sitting here having a chuckle at the image of you fleeing the birthing suite..luckily Miranda was too busy to see you deserting her!

    1. Hi Anne, thanks for stopping by!!
      Yes I thought I was made of tougher stuff, but I was really panicked by the intensity of the contractions. I sat in the waiting room and had a little cry until I regained composure… such an overwhelming experience! It all turned out great though!

  2. Great photos. Sorry about the tough start, I hope I can do it when my time comes.

    On another note, I still haven’t seen Danika! I’m sick at the moment too, which means I probably shouldn’t go and see her =(

    1. I’m sure you’d be great when the time comes Jono…
      Can’t believe you haven’t met her yet…. she is AMAZINGLY cute… seriously gorgeous baby, with the best sticky-uppy hair. We did her first official photoshoot yesterday and she totally rocked it of course. (Oh, and she did an amazing projectile poo on Roger halfway through…!!)

  3. Was wonderful – Ohhhh Juanita I didn’t realise you cried! It was a very intense moment. We didn’t expect in a million years that it would be that intense when we arrived in hospital.

    I think you went white when the midwife said “I can see her head”. But not sure if you remember – that’s when we decided earlier that the ‘photo’s would cease’ and we’d get down to business. So don’t feel like you deserted us.

    I think it was perfect (just like the newborn shoot – I wouldn’t change a thing!).

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