Heavenly Headshots

hello lovely readers,

I have some fabulous news… I have found a wonderful new creative studio space!! (oh sweet happiness!) Needless to say, I am a little bit stupidly excited to have  such a perfect little place to do all my crazy creative work in… 🙂 🙂

To celebrate this fabbo news,  I’d like to invite all you delicious creative types to come on in and update your headshots.  This is my ridiculous new studio offer –

– half price studio headshot sessions –

This includes the photoshoot, all creative editing and 10 high resolution images on disk, all for only $250.

Ridiculous, right…  but wanna come play??  Email me for details or to book a spot.

and do it now, before I realise how ridiculous this offer is… 😉

Oh and in case you’re wondering… my fab new studio is at 165 Gladstone road Highgate Hill.  Check it out!  I should warn you though… it’s probably best not to just pop in… I have very random opening hours… 😉 but do feel very welcome to email me and make an appointment to stop by for a chat.


10 Replies to “Heavenly Headshots”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, CONGRATULATIONs Juanita – can’t wait to see your new studio… will likely even come up from Sydney to have a look and experience more of your amazing photography magic!!!

  2. Yay – studio drinks at J’s place – love to you on this new milestone (although i am late to notice (hanging head in shame)) x

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