Mother’s Day Gift Vouchers

Wow, I just realised that Mother’s Day is just around the corner… so  I thought I might offer you guys a super special gift voucher to celebrate all the very amazing mum’s out there…

Check it out –

I’m going to do these sessions for only $75… so that’s the studio shoot AND a framed desk print for mum all included. Not bad, hey?

If you want to get yourself one of these cool gift voucher’s to give mum, you can email me ( or give me a call (32172296 or 0422033658)… I will have a bunch of them ready to mail out to you in time for Mother’s Day, or you can even pick one up from the Studio next week.

By the way, that is Sybil and Elarose in the photo… I did a shoot with them last week and had heaps of fun playing dress ups with these two…

Now… what am I going to get mum for mother’s day… any ideas??!


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