Penny and the kids

this is Penny.

She is gorgeous (as you can see) and clever

and the mother of four amazing kiddies.  I had the best fun photograhing three of them when I was last in Bellingen (one of the most beautiful places in the world, I might add)

this is Winona.

They don’t make kids cuter than this.


This is her big brother Floyd who is also seriously cute

and this is Floyd’s older brother Hugo, who I must say is also quite a handsome fellow

they all get along famously… especially the boys

What a fab time I had hanging out with these guys 🙂

Oooh and just in case you were wondering… it’s not too late to grab one of my Mother’s Day Gift Vouchers.  They are only $75 and include a fabulous studio session with me and a framed art print for mum.  I’m sure it’ll make your mumma very happy…


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