a bride, a groom and a quick game of cricket…

I thought I’d just give you a quick sneak peek of last week’s wedding…

this is the lovely Katrina… she makes a stunning bride, as you can see



her handsome goom is Simon,


who enjoys a good game of cricket with his mates


Simon and Katrina ended up at the beautiful Sirromet Winery to get married…


and as you can see it was a deliciously romantic day…

_JMB5667 scopy _JMB5672aaa   _JMB5779a copya _JMB5787a

many more pics to come soon 🙂


5 Replies to “a bride, a groom and a quick game of cricket…”

  1. Ciao bella,
    … was just dropping by (perhaps secretly hoping to see some Canadian pictures!) … love your blog & adore your work. Makes me want to get married again (i’ll keep the same man though!)
    i added you to my list of blogs… so i can keep up-dated and visit you more often 🙂 🙂
    Hope you are back home well and safe,
    xo sandra

  2. Hi!

    “Long time viewer, first time commenter” lol!

    Ahhh good to know I’m not the only one sneaking in to look for Canadian pictures. I however, also know how MANY pictures you took – so am keeping my patience hat on!!


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