Once upon a time in Canada

this is Sofia.  She is smart and beautiful and a super-organiser.  She knows what she wants…


She wants this man…


Shaun.  Who is also delightful and handsome and equally driven to be with his beautiful Sof.

These two crazy Queenslanders decided to move to Canada and get married.  (Hey why not?!)

sounds romantic right?

You betcha…

…now add a Castle wedding, a frolic in an enchanted forest and a walk along a windswept beach with snow-capped mountains in the background.

now that’s romantic!

but more of that later… first we have bow-ties and suspenders to show you…





these handsome chaps got ready at the penthouse of a gorgeous hotel over looking the bay at Victoria, on Vancouver Island.

a little bit James Bond, don’t you think??
A couple of shots outside of all the guys…
then it was off to see what shoes Sof was going to wear…
(oooh, very nice!)
oh and the dress…!
Sofie you are such a joy to photograph…
out in the backyard of the beautiful house where Sof and Shaun stayed for the week before the wedding…
Ha ha… like I said… Sofie knows what she wants….!
Such a beautiful dress….
arriving at the castle… obviously not able to take the smile off her face…
Sofie and her mum walking to the ceremony…
I told you it was a castle!
There is no doubt… this is one of the most beautiful places I have seen a ceremony.  It felt like a fairy-tale…
Nothing like a frolic along the croquet lawn after your ceremony…!
Ok folks… I’m going to leave it here, because there are still a heap of photos and this post is already waaaaaay too long!
(and I have to keep building suspense, you know…!)
So keep an eye out for the next installment of “Once upon a time in Canada”  which will feature forests, windswept beaches, and of course our hero and heorine being fabulous…

8 Replies to “Once upon a time in Canada”

  1. You had sensational camera fodder, but are also an exceptional photographer! Such a pleasure to look through 🙂

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