FOTOARTISTA – classique

this is Heidi

She is an amazingly talented and successful business woman and super courageous human being…

and clearly…. GORGEOUS!

…and, as she mentioned many MANY times as we prepared for her shoot – extremely nervous about posing in front of a camera… (“you know… I’ve put on so much weight… I’m not looking my best… photos of me are always terrible…”)

I guess we are all our harshest critics aren’t we, but I think the photos speak for themselves…

As always with my FOTOARTISTA shoots… there was fun, champagne and giggles, which I was definitely expecting… once Heidi relaxed and let herself enjoy the experience.

What I wasn’t expecting were the teary moments… tears of remembering, and tears of letting go… then there were more giggles and a renewed confidence as Heidi let out her inner supermodel…!

(oooh la la!!)

I had no idea these sessions could be so powerful and empowering … a teeny part of me hoped they would be, but I am just a little bit excited to see what is possible in a session.

thanks for such a memorable shoot Heidi

– you are beautiful –


6 Replies to “FOTOARTISTA – classique”

  1. beautiful photos – you are so talented.
    We are still looking at our pics from the wedding. Can you believe it’s almost been a year in Oct? xx

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